Ecorson inspirations - kitchen
Ecorson inspirations - living room
Ecorson inspirations - bathroom
Ecorson inspirations - façades
Ecorson inspirations - bedroom
Completed projects - Boryna Hotel
Idea for a colonial house
Travertino Naturale - outdoor system
Idea for a teenager's room
Idea for a living room in warm colours
Murisil 1500 - popcorn plaster
Berlin - Oxidecor E and Marmo Concrete
Murisil F - external silicone paint
Completed projects - Complex of Schools in Gdów: Muriston
Completed projects - MPK station: Murisil F
Ecorson inspirations - Concrete
Other completed projects
Gajusz Hospice
Rust effect - Oxidecor E
Silomal - façade protection
Metalfin - metal effect
Companies that trusted us
Beton Marmo - Łódź Fabryczna station
Rust effect - Oxidecor Extra Fine